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Explore a wealth of knowledge, a repository of wisdom, and a realm of invaluable downloadable resources. Dive into guides, informative materials, glossaries, research, and analyses that will satiate your thirst for knowledge and ignite your journey toward digital mastery.

The Emirates Content Resources section is more than a mere collection of files; it's a symphony of resources intricately woven together in a digital tapestry. Information converges with inspiration, and passion dances with the elegance of literature and references.

From beginner's guides that demystify industry jargon to deep dives into the latest content industry insights and trends, our resources serve as your guiding star and a trusted map to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.


These guidelines, drafted for the UAE Government entities, offer recommendations in a variety of fields targeted at improving service delivery, communication with public, website user experience, social media usage and facilitating an effective open data practice.

To view the details of these guidelines and to download them, click here

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