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Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Upon reviewing this policy and these terms, you will thoroughly understand how to interact with the Emirates Content Company website, We are committed to introducing you to our offerings and expectations when dealing with our valued customers and outlining how we handle your data and the rights of our website visitors and followers.

First: Emirates Content Website and Company Content Rights We want to clarify that global intellectual property rights protect all materials and content presented on our company's website. These materials are exclusively created and owned by us. As a website specializing in offering intellectual and creative content, no one is permitted to print, copy, publish, or utilize any of these materials electronically or physically without our explicit written consent. Visitors are allowed to browse the contents of our site and its pages but are not permitted to copy any material unless expressly authorized by us. Therefore, anyone who copies or publishes our site's content without permission will be subject to legal action.

Second: Confidentiality of Information Provided by Customers and Visitors Any information you provide through our site, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or electronic payment card details, is given voluntarily, and we take the utmost care to ensure its confidentiality. We will not disclose this information in any manner without your explicit consent unless required by legal entities or to protect and defend the site's intellectual property. Your information will never be sold, rented, or used in any way without your prior consent. We will only use it for purposes related to our website services.

Third: Browsing Services It's important to note that the Emirates Content Company website is designed and operated to provide media services and electronic content, not to collect information or data from visitors or to obtain email addresses, phone numbers, or credit card and electronic payment details. Therefore, our browser's role is solely to enable you to access and benefit from our website. We do not access your computer data, mobile devices, or internet-connected phones, ensuring that all your information remains secure and your privacy is preserved.

Fourth: Data Recorded During your visit to the Emirates Content Company website, our server records the date and time of your visit, the duration of your stay on the site, the pages you accessed, and the links you followed to reach us. It also registers the type of browser you used and the web addresses of the sites from which you navigated to our site. Should we require additional information from you, we will request it directly, and you will provide it voluntarily. This practice is in line with standard internet usage terms and conditions.

Fifth: Our Website's Relationship with External Internet Links Our site may contain links to other websites, or you may encounter advertisements during your visit. It's important to understand that we are not responsible for any data or information collected about you by these external sites. To stay informed, please review the privacy policies of these sites before sharing any of your data. While our site may display third-party ads during your visit, these parties are only privy to information about your visit and are not authorized to obtain your data unless you provide it directly.

Sixth: Emirates Content Company Website and Amendments to These Terms We, at the Emirates Content Company website, reserve the right to proactively amend any of the provisions in these terms without prior notification. However, we will display these amendments on this page for your convenience, allowing you to stay informed and updated. Your data will not be exposed or disclosed in all cases except in the scenarios outlined in item two above.

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